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Terms and Conditions

  1. The delivery boy visits the address/location provided by the customers to collect the order

  2. The Delivery boy has the right to thoroughly examine the garment(s)/item(s) and inquire about any existing damage(s)/defect(s) before collecting and accepting the garment(s)/item(s). Customer is required to cooperate with the same.

  3. Digital receipt of receiving the garment is shared with the customer

  4. As per your service request for the clothes/items, delivery boy to handover the garments to the Service provider selected by you.

  5. The garment(s)/item(s) collected on weekends/holidays shall be sent for processing only on the next working day (working day is from Monday to Saturday excluding holidays as per Gotidy’s policy). Hence there could be possibilities of delay in such cases.

  6. The Customer shall ensure that no valuables/belongings is/are handed over along with the garment(s)/item(s). Gotidy is not responsible for loss of or damage to any valuable or personal or non-cleanable items left in the garment(s)/ item(s) such as money, jewellery, or anything else.

  7. Garment(s)/item(s) shall be delivered on the scheduled date of delivery. However, any delay in delivery due to reasons, including but not limited, to occurrence of Force Majeure event such as fire, flood, storm, natural calamities, earthquake, enemies, war, riot, civil commotion or any other irresponsible force, act of God which are beyond the control of Gotidy, does not entitle the Customer for any compensation/discount.

  8. Express Service/Urgent delivery/Premium service shall be charged at applicable rates and the Customer is required to check with the same at the respective Service provider before availing such services.

  9. The Customer shall take delivery of the processed garment(s)/ item(s) as per the delivery date. Failing which the garment(s)/item(s) shall be sent back to the processing unit and delivery of the same thereafter shall be subject to additional charges as per discretion of Gotidy . The Customer shall produce Order Number while taking back delivery of the processed garment(s)/item(s). Gotidy shall not be responsible / accountable for garment(s)/item(s) not claimed within the said period of three (3) days from the date of delivery.

  10. Customer shall examine the garment(s)/ item(s) for damage or wrong delivery at the time of delivery and inform the delivery boy about the same at that time. Gotidy shall not be responsible for any claims after the garment(s)/ item(s) delivery has been accepted by the Customer.

  11. Customer is requested to count the garment(s)/ item(s) at the time of delivery and inform the delivery boy in case of missing garment(s)/ item(s) at that time. GoTidy will not be responsible for any such claims after the garment(s)/ item(s) delivery has been accepted by the customer.

  12. GoTidy shall not be responsible for damages whatsoever caused to the garment(s)/ item(s). If there are any issues such as damages/colour fade/

  13. GoTidy will take every reasonable and possible effort to give the best service. But, if any service provider fails to meet up to the expectation of the customer, or instructions are not followed, then the responsibility lies with the service provider.

  14. Garment(s)/item(s) are assigned to undergo wet wash or dry cleaning (whichever is best suitable for the said garment(s)/item(s)) after the Service provider analysis of the type and texture of the garment(s)/item(s) in the processing unit. If Customer wants any specific type of wash or cleaning then the same should be informed before availing the service.

  15. GoTidy shall not be held responsible/liable for any loss(s) or damage(s) of/to garment(s)/ item(s) due to occurrence of force majeure event such as fire, flood, storm, natural calamities, earthquake, enemies, war, riot, civil commotion or any other irresponsible force, act of God which are beyond the control of GoTidy and GoTidy is not liable for any compensation or reduction in charges.

  16. In the event the garment(s)/item(s) is wrongly booked (eg: cotton instead of silk) the same shall be intimated to the Customer and the service charges shall be in accordance with the standard rates of the service provider as per the actual type/texture of garment(s)/item(s).

  17. In the event of damage to the garment(s)/item(s), the Customer is eligible for refund of the bill amount subject to satisfaction of GoTidy, after scrutinising the photographs, supporting documents and details provided by the Customer. However, compensate, upto maximum, ten (10) times of the service charge or Rs. 3,000/- (Rupees Three Thousand Only), whichever is lesser shall be given to the Customer at sole discretion of GoTidy.

  18. Any offers/coupons provided by GoTidy.  can be redeemed/claimed within the validity period and only upon customer’s request at the time of booking the pick-up/creating the order. In addition to these terms and conditions mentioned herein, the terms and condition provided in such offers/coupons shall also apply and it shall be deemed that Customer has read and understood it before availing offers/coupons.

  19. In the event of home/ door to door services, the Customer is advised to verify the Employee Identity Card (Delivery boy) before availing the services. Customer can also call GoTidy on 8147744774 to verify the employee sent by GoTidy failing which GoTidy shall not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to the garments.

  20. GoTidy reserves the right to cancel/modify/change the terms and conditions herein above at any point in time as deemed fit and without any prior intimation to the Customer.

  21. All disputes are subject to the jurisdiction of Courts in Bengaluru only.

  22. By availing the service(s), the customer agrees that he/she has thoroughly read, understood, agreed to these terms and conditions. For further details , visit to our website

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